Perch Mount Drink Holder To Hold Your Drink Secure From Vibration (12/15)

Drink Holder on Street Glide! Truthfully, Any rider would love to cherish that mechanism.

You can bring any can, bottle, or cup with you securely in style. Not only does it look great but also it easily accommodates your drink during the ride. Thanks for the rubber-lined rings that prevent the bottle from vibrating.

Promising review: “This really works!!  Easy to install in just minutes.  I have a 2017 Street Glide Special and it works perfectly.  Tested it with full cup of water and no problem what so ever!  Now I’m heading to Starbucks for the ultimate test, lol.  Kidding aside, this is a great quality cup holder well worth the investment.  Don’t settle for the cheaper types.  You’ll thank me later.” —Keneagle

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