15 Must Have Accessories To Make Owning And Riding Street Glide All Around Better Experience

You spend most of your time in the glide, so get these essentials so you’ll always be prepared!

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, the list of must have accessories for street glide and upgrades has arrived! These are not just for looks but are very USEFUL accessories apart like every bike riders swear by like hanging a guardian bell or wearing a skull ring.

Every genius street glide accessories on this list are firing on all cylinders to keep you safe, make your adventure more organized, and add a little fun to your journey. Every Harley Davidson street glide aftermarket part here will turn your whip into the ride of the future and make it even cooler than it already is. From easy-to-install classics like the Harley cell phone holders, driver’s backrest, or saddlebags to high-tech stuff you didn’t know you needed like ISO handlebar grips for electronic throttle control for a comfy ride.

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We’ve got the best Harley Davidson street glide parts & accessories right here. Some of them you will have seen before while others will be the first introduction to new and phenomenal street glide special accessories.

So, What are the best street glide upgrades? Here we go…

#1 Hard Stretched Saddlebags For Secure Touring By Storing Your Belongingness

It includes a pair of Left & right saddlebags, which naturally keeps the belongings secure and also shields them from the rain, sunlight, bad weather, or the bad eyes of people.

Promising review: "I was very impressed with these stretched saddlebags. The paint matched my vivid black perfectly, although I can tell a slight difference in the quality from the factory paint it's not enough for the casual observer to notice. I used my factory lids and they fit just fine. Installation didn't take too long either.

For the price of these compared to the Harley ones I'd definitely recommend if you are thinking about the stretched bags. I love the look and very pleased that I purchased these.." —Chris Carter

#2 Adjustable Rider Backrest – Feel Strong When You Lean Against It

This driver's backrest is a must-have for no matter a long journey or a short daily routine.

Promising review: "I watched a couple of installation videos on YouTube. It made the install on my 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special a piece of cake. I carried a 5/8" wrench (to adjust recline) and a 7/16" and 1/2" socket and ratchet on a long ride. I had to stop about 4 times to take the seat off and "tweak" the position of the backrest to find the exact sweet spot. But for the price, I love this backrest. It completely transformed my comfort level." ---Amazon customer

#3 Protective Support Kit for Saddlebag

Insurance for your pricey saddlebags.

Promising review: "I'm very impressed with these bag guards! Fit, finish and color match my 2020 Street Glide Special perfectly. Not the easiest install, but not too bad. I recommend watching a couple install videos on YouTube and I don't think you'll have any issues (these are identical to the OEM guards). I really appreciate that these are made here in the US and seem to be an exact match to the OEM version that is much more expensive.

There are cheaper, Chinese versions of these available, but I didn't feel comfortable protecting the bags on my $30K bike to an inferior product. I've recommended these to a lot of friends and fellow riders, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to you!" ---damitdon

#4 Chromed Floorboard For More Room & Make The Partner Feel Comfortable Even In High Heels

It includes a 100% brand new pair of footboards and a set of mounting accessories.

Promising review: "Stock pegs are ok for the street glide but if you passenger complaining about feet hurting or legs or they back there wiggling around because their feet are not planted good then these floorboards are what you need. Passenger loves them and no more moving around and wiggling and they stat still now specially when I hit them curves and twisties. Comes with hardware and both floorboards." ---wmj

#5 Highway Crash Bars For A Unique Twist On Engine Protection

Crash bar covers save legs and other parts of the bike if you fall down. It also helps to stretch the legs while riding down the road.

Promising review: "First, I would like to say that I am very happy to purchase a product that is made in the USA. Secondly, it is a high quality product for at a very competitive price. Third is I reached out to Harley Davidson and confirmed that the engine guard they offered was NOT made in the USA, and it was priced nearly $80 higher.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to buy a high quality engine guard that is made in our country for an excellent price. The fit and finish is second to none." ----88 Rider

#6 ISO Handlebar Grips For Electronic Throttle Control That Provides Relief From The Heat

It provides a soft, non-slip surface giving the ultimate experience in comfort and style for motorcycle riders. Designed especially for the long haul AKA "Fatigue reducing grips".

Promising review: "The ISO grips are a great addition to my StreetGlide. The rubberized bumps soak up most of the Harley vibration so I can go farther before my hands start to go numb. There's enough grip that you can grip them loosely and still maintain control. The throttle boss allows you to control the throttle with the heel of your hand so you can occasionally stretch out your fingers. They're worth the cost, they really add some comfort to the ride." ---SmartAleck73

#7 Front Rear Turn Signal Light LED Kit To Maintain Clear Visibility For Safe Driving On The Road

It comes with 2 LED front turn signal bulb, 2 LED rear turn signal bulb, and 4 smoke lens cover with integrated functions.

Promising review: "I own a 2020 Harley Davidson Street Glide. The lights are excellent. They are easy to install and look like $200 lights. I took my time installing them, smoking a stogie, listening to classic rock, petting the dog, reviewing a purchase order for a work van.. and it took 45 minutes.  Anyway.. hell of a deal. The smoked lenses that come with them are higher quality than the HD ones that came on my bike.. oops" ---Russ Wiles

#8 Leg Fairing To Reduce In Aerodynamic Drag

Leg fairing reduces in aerodynamic drag which allows for reduced fuel consumption and permits higher speeds at lower engine RPM, which in turn increases engine life.

It includes left and right lower fairings, a convenient glovebox, and a lid with all necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.

Promising review: "I love em! Makes my 2020 street glide look awesome! Went for a ride, got cot in the rain and it was about 55 degrees. Doing 75mph my feet and lower legs were warm and dry. I was wearing jeans and it was a light rain for about an hour." ---Amazon Customer

#9 Quick Disconnect USB Charger Adaptor To Charge Mobile Devices On The Go

USB adaptor exclusively made for Harley Davidson models provides you with the possibility of charging your precious devices while riding. It easily charges USB-connected mobile devices. They are ready to go when you are! You just set it and forget it.

Promising review: "This is an awesome device. Before buying this there was a few times my phone went completely dead and that's scary because what if I broke down on my bike. Now I can charge anything USB. I like that it has the cap too. It's a nice grippy texture too. I put my plug back by my bag so I can put my phone in there if I want. The cable is sold separately. I got the cable part in a battery maintainer charger kit." ---BriBear

#10 Mid Frame Air Deflector To Improve Comfort & Cools You Down On Hot Summer Rides

Installing a wind deflector on street glide enhances comfort & lets you enjoy your ride embracing the warmth of mother nature.

It is made of high-quality ABS plastic that never rusts.

Promising review: "I was a bit skeptical when I read reviews saying how difficult it could be for installation due to the hardware provided...Think again, it took me 5 minutes, BECAUSE the seller shipped the necessary hardware, bolts, washers, nuts, everything needed to secure in place without the need to use any zip-tide or having to remove any of the side fairing AT ALL.

GREAT JOB by the Seller." ---Luiz C. Laba

#11 Use Smart Phone/GPS Perch Mount Holder To Be Quick And Simple

Wanna ride hands-free using smartphones? Think no more than simply putting a cell phone holder for your street glide.

It allows for easy adjustment and optimum positioning (horizontal or vertical). It also has a spring-loaded adjustment lever, so you can easily increase or decrease the clamping tension.

Promising review: "This is the best system I have ever used on my Harley for my cell phone. With all the others, there was not enough tilt to actually see the screen or you have to place it on the handle bars some place in strange spots. Now it looks like it is built right into the bike and I love it. Bumps? No problem! This thing holds my iPhone X tight and the quick release is perfect as well. No complaints at all." ---Larry Roberts

#12 Perch Mount Drink Holder To Hold Your Drink Secure From Vibration

Drink Holder on Street Glide! Truthfully, Any rider would love to cherish that mechanism.

You can bring any can, bottle, or cup with you securely in style. Not only does it look great but also it easily accommodates your drink during the ride. Thanks for the rubber-lined rings that prevent the bottle from vibrating.

Promising review: "This really works!!  Easy to install in just minutes.  I have a 2017 Street Glide Special and it works perfectly.  Tested it with full cup of water and no problem what so ever!  Now I'm heading to Starbucks for the ultimate test, lol.  Kidding aside, this is a great quality cup holder well worth the investment.  Don't settle for the cheaper types.  You'll thank me later." ---Keneagle

#13 Quality Front Speakers To Maximize Music Volume And Clarity In The Harsh Motorcycle Environment

Promising review: "Ok....I purchased these speakers as a replacement for the factory harmon kardon that was in my 2009 street glide. It is important to note that i have a fa tory H-D head unit with no amp as well as only fairing speakers.

The Hogtunes gen lll speakers are an upgrade from what I had. Upon taking the original speakers out, I noticed that bot soeakers had warped cones and a tear in the foam surround. With that being said the difference between the 10 year old factory speakers and the Hogtunes is night/day. The sound quality is crisper/cleaner as well as adding (some) mids and (some) bass without distorting at high volume.

On my bike it made a huge difference. The install was simple plug and play and they were cheaper than most other options out there that may require cutting factory plugs. Thus was the best bang for the buck without adding an amp. The volume and clarity is good for me up to 80mph with rhinehart exhaust.

I am pleased with the purchase and the shipping was free as well as showed up on time. I would buy again!" ---Annebelle

#14 Protective Gear From Helmet To Feet

Street Harley Touring + fully armed apparel!!! WOW, Sounds cool right?

The wind is similarly not always merciful, it can affect your respiratory system. That's why you should always wear your protective gear.

Wearing a complete set of riding gear will show a sense of responsibility by increasing your chances of survival from severe head injuries, cushion against falls, and protects against climatic conditions.

#15 All Weather Motorcycle Cover Protection That Keep Off The Rain And Spray From Passing Traffic, But It Will Also Prevent Thieves (Or Their Spotters) From Identifying The Bike As They Drive By

If you do not own a garage, then definitely investing in the best motorcycle cover for your street glide to protect from dust and dirt is actually the need.

Promising review: "This is the second bike cover I bought for my HD street glide special.  This is a great cover cause its lone enough to fit the bike, has draw strings front and back and also has them on the top to tighten if needed for wind, also has wind strap along bottom.

Secondly it has a velcro slot for your antenna to come out in the rear.  So far really like this cover." ---Ray


-Super Waterproof Performance
-Accommodates antennas
-Anti-theft Lock Hole
-2-in-1 (storage bag and motorcycle cover)

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