5 Best Different Models Of Tonneau Cover For GMC Canyon (Review)

best tonneau cover for gmc canyon

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Are you looking for a tonneau cover for Your GMC Canyon? If yes, then you may be interested to read the following article. In this post, I’ll share my top five choices for a quality best tonneau cover for a GMC Canyon truck.

The tonneau covers are a vital part of your Canyon. They enhance its appearance and functionality. As they are easy to operate, the tonneau covers allow you to carry items inside the cargo bed or trunk without having them exposed to the elements like rain, snow, or wind.

Many people purchase custom tonneau covers because of their practicality. These covers provide protection from weather damage, dirt, dust, and moisture. Most customers prefer these covers over the factory ones. Some models offer additional features such as an automatic latch mechanism, LED lights, etc.

If you want such best tonneau cover for GMC Canyon that meets your specific needs, you need to shop around.

In This Post,

  • A quick recap of the best GMC canyon bed covers
  • Which is the best tonneau cover for GMC Canyon?
  • 5 best tonneau covers for GMC canyon reviewed
  • Our Verdict
  • Things to consider before buying tonneau covers
  • Frequently asked questions

Quick Recap For The Best GMC canyon Bed Covers

Best CheapTyger Auto T1 Soft Roll-Up Bed Cover For GMC Canyon
Best Overall (Recommended)BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover For GMC Canyon
Best InnovativeBAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling GMC Canyon Tonneau Cover
Best BudgetSyneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover Fits 2015-2022 GMC Canyon
Best LookUnderCover Elite One-Piece Tonneau Cover For GMC Canyon 2015 – 2022

Which Is The Best Tonneau Cover For GMC Canyon?

Tonneau covers come in various styles and materials. Some are designed to give the entire bed access, while others only permit the tailgate area. There are even some that attach directly to the frame of the truck bed. Well choosing the most suitable cover depends on the needs and the functionality for the driver’s satisfaction.

If you are not known about how they operate and what benefits the cover provides whether it’s a soft fold, hard roll, hard fold, hard retractable, etc. You will find this article helpful to get the best tonneau cover for GMC Canyon you are searching for.

#1 Soft Covers

These covers are going to be great entry-level covers and do a great job of protecting your Canyon bed and any contents on the inside from the elements.

With soft covers, one thing you want to keep in mind is that out of the five styles we’ve looked at, these are going to probably come in last place when it comes to preventing theft while it’s going to keep your stuff out of sight from anyone being able to just reach in and just take it. The soft covers are gonna be pretty easy to get into, most of them are just a thin layer of vinyl or another fabric so that’s something to keep in mind with them.

A soft tonneau cover comes with a roll-up design that basically going to do is just roll back to the cab of your canyon. They’re also available in a panel folding design whichever one you prefer you can pick that up.

#2 Hard Roll-Up Covers

Now from here, the hardshell covers are going to be good theft deterrents.

Hard roll-up covers are just like soft roll-up covers except instead of just that soft vinyl it’s made out of aircraft-grade aluminum slats that rolls up to the truck and you can roll it back out when you want to close it.

And it stows inside a canister that sits inside your truck bed taking up a minimum of space in your bed, leaving more room for cargo.

#3 Hard Folding Covers

Looking for an aggressive and durable option? Hard Covers offer protection that no soft cover can; A cover with hard materials like aluminum and fiberglass that can not easily be cut or torn.

These covers are just going to fold back in a panel design all the way back to the cab of your pickup. In some cases, you’re gonna be able to fold it more to gain full access up to the cab to your GMC Canyon.

#4 Hard Retractable Covers

Instead of rolling it on top of your truck bed, this cover rolls into a canister of your truck bed in a matter of seconds. And although it takes up a little bit of space in bed access it maintains those clean lines that you’ve always wanted.

Retractable Covers serve better than hard folding covers because it does not cover the back window. Instead has a compact storage canister that prevents this issue.

Unlike others, these covers are going to be a bit more expensive. Considering the top key-lock system, textured finish, and top-notch advanced features like one-hand easy operation; the retractable tonneau covers are a pure gem.

#5 Tilt Bed Covers

Do not want a folding or rolling cover? Tilt bed covers are a great option for a seamless clean look.

The primary benefit of tilt bed covers is that the gas shocks help drivers lift the bed cover and keep it open.

The operation is pretty easy with the help of installed hinges near the cab. Simply turn the knob and let those struts raise the abs lid and close it; simple as bringing it right back down and locking it into place.

Review Of Best Tonneau Cover For GMC canyon

So without any delay let’s figure out why these five models are in the list of the top best bed covers for GMC Canyon trucks along with their pros and cons.

1) Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Compatible with 2015-2018 GMC Canyon

Best Cheap Cover For GMC Canyon

Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up tonneau cover for gmc canyon

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Why We Picked?

This softcover from Tyger Auto is from the US and Canadian aftermarket automotive experts. Well if you are looking for an easy and nicer-looking option that won’t break your budget!  The Tyger Auto is the best choice for your GMC Canyon which provides 100% satisfaction.

What I like about soft covers are they improves truck’s fuel economy reducing drag by as much as 10%. And, in today’s economy, with these gas prices, this one is extremely beneficial.

For installation, it takes about 15 minutes to put it on and take it off, what this means is flexibility unlike other hardcovers it’s lightweight and it only requires basic skills and certain tools to make it on and off.

For a wrinkle-free look, the vinyl connects to the tailgate and seals with a velcro strip on the sides giving the bed a stylish sleek design. And making it waterproof and tension free.

Of course, the security is not going to be as good obviously as a hard tonneau cover but, it’s more versatile and a lot cheaper that provides a bit of security and privacy with a latch lock at the tailgate for your cargo.

If you live in an area that has a lot of auto break-ins and want to keep expensive tools I’d keep them locked up in something more like hardcovers in the next option.

Pros :

  • Easy affordable
  • Lightweight than any others in list
  • Tear resistant vinyl
  • Heavy duty aluminum bar support
  • Locks at tailgate with a nice click sound
  • 15 mins – no drill installation

Cons :

  • Not 100% theft free


Don’t forget to put the weather seal on the front lip of the assembly cover that faces your rear truck window.

Honest Review:

“I’ve traveled across country at highway speeds in the rain and never even worried that it would pop open and it kept everything dry. You just have to make sure you get it fitted correctly when you install it.” — Matthew

2) BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover For Gmc Canyon | Fits 2015 – 2022 GMC Canyon

Overall Best Tonneau Cover For GMC Canyon

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding bed cover for gmc canyon

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Why We Picked?

All right let’s start with the Bakflip MX4. Now if you routinely need the use of your full truck bed then the folding hard cover of the Bak flip mx4 is a great option. With easy-to-use cable releases on both sides, this cover differs from the rolling covers because you get full bed access.

Well, What makes MX4 different is its longer lifespan than any other truck cover that has an injection molded latch housing component that enhances the durability and the strength of the cover.

And unlike soft covers, it’s safe and secure driving around town because of its resilient infrastructure no thief can make a move even with the help of a sharp knife.

With a supreme fold, the cover opens and stands locked in an upright position with the help of prop rods dodging the obstruction of the third brake light when the brake is applied.

The Bottom line is the versatility and the good looks of the MX4 have made it the number one selling hardcover on the market.

Pros :

  • Anti-theft cover
  • Complete bed access for storage
  • Premium exterior finish
  • Extra heavy-duty aluminum
  • Automatic latching mechanism
  • 5 years of warranty

Cons :

  • Covers the back window when folded upright


If you’re looking for the best tonneau cover on the market, make sure that you look at BAK BAKFlip MX4, cause it has the most convenient and premium quality with aesthetically pleasing sides.

Honest Review:

“Looks awesome on my 2016 GMC Canyon. Works great and easy to install. If installed properly there is no way not to give it five stars.” —Rolney Rodriguez

3) BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover For Gmc Canyon | Fits 2015 – 2022 GMC Canyon

Best Innovative GMC Canyon Tonneau Cover

Hard Rolling gmc canyon tonneau cover

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Why We Picked?

Now for something really unique the BAK Revolver X2; Truly innovative with its modern low gloss textured vinyl top that’s attached to heavy-duty aluminum slats. It provides the security of a hardcover with the ease of rolling in a simple way. Just strap it and you are good to go.

Another thing I loved about this cover is how easy it is to roll it right back into place.

For easy opening, it has a cable release so it’s easy to access on both sides sitting on rails. And furthermore, the security is unmatched with automatic slam latches when combined with a tailgate.

Perfect for those who use their bed frequently or have an active lifestyle cause it easily rolls up with a one-handed operation.

The major drawback I found is this cover will need to be either fully rolled up and buckled or completely closed on the bed. There is no locking position in between.

Installation is probably about 20 minutes or so did I mention this one’s innovative?

Pros :

  • One-hand easy operation
  • Weatherproof textured vinyl
  • Easy opening from either side cable release
  • Automatic slam latches mechanism
  • Unmatched security integrated with tailgate
  • Also compatible with 5th wheel
  • Easy to install

Cons :

  • Has no partial locking position.


Flexible like soft covers and secure as hardcovers is what makes BAK Revolver X2 an innovative and different tonneau cover for your GMC Canyon.

Honest Review:

“Have only tested the weather resistance a few times, but I do not see water getting into the bed. I did take special care to get the weather stripping on the front correctly. Very happy with this purchase.” —MJD

4) Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover | Fits 2015-2022 GMC Canyon

Best Budget Bed Cover For GMC Canyon

Retractable tonneau cover for gmc canyon

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Why We Picked?

If you want beauty also with quality engineering? Pay extra attention to Syneticusa Retractable bed cover. A matte finish with a low-profile design guarantees to fully protect your items from any sorts of weather conditions whether it’s rain, snow, or wind.

Another standout feature is the unmatched key lock system that offers protection no soft cover can. What this means is that you can lock it in place wherever you want depending on bed access.

It’s made up of matte black aluminum flats that give it a great look and it’s all metal so it makes it one of the most secure on the market plus it glides on ball bearings.

Installation, with two people, takes about 30 minutes. Apart from that, it’s trouble-free and only requires a few basic tools for installation.

If you want the additional feature bed cover that supports a track system which allows you to install your rack and carry your cargo on top of your bed.  Syneticusa Off Road Rack Ready Bed Cover would be the best package on your vacation trip to the beach.

Pros :

  • On a Budget
  • Waterproof
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Cover can be locked at any position
  • Cover does not block the back window
  • Heavy duty aluminum with a matte black finish
  • Compact canister storage that prevents getting scratched itself

Cons :

  • Installation needs a group of 2.
  • Ned to drill holes for drain tubes


Apart from the poor-quality screws, this product is a great one and should be your consideration if you are looking for a durable option.

Honest Review:

“If you have a chase rack then this is perfect because you can roll it all the way back, something you can’t do with a fold up.” —Domingo Acevedo Jr.

5) UnderCover Elite One-Piece Tonneau Cover For Gmc Canyon | Fits 2015 – 2022 GMC Canyon

Best For Appearance

best tonneau cover for gmc canyon

Check Price On Amazon

Why We Picked?

Want neither a folding nor a rolling cover? The one-piece lid is a great option for a seamless clean look. The Undercover Elite is design matched and it really appears to be an integral part of the truck.

As far as the finest hardcovers for GMC Canyon, Undercover did an excellent job with it taking the Protection concept to the next level.

The first thing that caught my eye was the water restricting mechanism. It’s more advanced and secure than the market average because it covers both the sides and the rear so it keeps that water out. Hence, will protect the bed from exposure to thieves, extreme downpour, or any carwashes.

Another standout feature is X-Effect which keeps the cover strong, with hard ABS construction this one can hold up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight. It should be evenly distributed of course but that’s still rather impressive.

How do you work it- it’s pretty simple; you turn the knob and let those struts raise the abs lid. And close it simply as bringing it right back down locking it into place. The bottom line is easy installation – 30 minutes or so with two people.

Pros :

  • Durable
  • Fits swingcase
  • Has LED lighting system
  • Waterproof and theftproof
  • Color matched engineering
  • Strong X-Effect interior design
  • Easy on and off installation
  • Integrated locking system

Cons :

  • Expensive
  • Not compatible with bed racks


If you want to open the tailgate, you will need to open the cover first.

Honest Review:

“I purchased this truck bed cover to replace the fold-up model because of moisture getting into the bed. This cover is completely waterproof and with the deluges we have had recently I have had no water in the bed. The ability to lock it is also a benefit since I carry tools/golf clubs and don’t have to be concerned about them..” —Al K.

Our Verdict

I’ve chosen the BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover as the best overall tonneau cover for GMC Canyon. This model takes the award because it offers the best blend of durability, value, and protection. If you’re on a tight budget, then check out the affordable pick, Tyger Auto Soft Cover.

Things To Consider Before Buying Tonneau Covers

Cover Material

The price of a tonneau cover is largely determined by its material composition. Look for a cover that has heavy-duty aluminum slat support with a textured and power-coated exterior. Not only they are made for durability but also are perfect anti-theft which is harder to break into, unlike the soft vinyl covers. But if you want to put the cost down and theft is not an issue, soft vinyl covers are also a suitable option for your GMC Canyon.

Also, make sure to look for scratch-resistant and UV-protected cover features if that’s your necessity.

Sealing And Rainproof

The most important feature every cover model should keep a tight knob is waterproofing. Almost every model is relatively resistant to the weather conditions like rain, snow, and wind. But the tilt bed covers get the award here following up with hard covers that have neoprene sealant. With a One-Piece Cover lid, tilt bed covers are unmatched for completely waterproofing to the extreme downpour, car washes, or moisture getting into the bed.

Bed Access

This is one area that many models lag behind by not giving 100% bed access. If you are one who uses the bed frequently or has an active lifestyle? Look no further than covers that stand upright giving complete bed access like hard folding covers. Retractable and Rolling covers do have canisters and take rolling space respectively minimizing the bed opening area and leaving less room for cargo.

Locking System

Some of the covers like retractables have a heavy-duty key lock system at the top of the cover that enables protection and quick access to open at any time. However, for others, there’s a latch mechanism integrated with a tailgate. What this means is that whenever you lock the tailgate, the tonneau cover also gets locked, and needs to carry no extra keys.

Also, make sure to look for a tonneau cover that locks in between the bedrails as well. This allows you to lock at any position to secure your cargo. However, some covers have features of multiple lock systems along the bed rails but do not enable to provide a custom locking position.


Most tonneau cover brands what they have is for same models of different vehicles it comes with different shapes and sizes. Before making a purchase, add your vehicle model on amazon confirm fit and perform out whether that specific model fits the cover or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Tonneau Covers Save Gas And Improve Mileage?

It’s statistically proven that truck covers like soft coves are relatively lightweight which help improves fuel economy by around 10 percent reducing wind drag and making the truck more aerodynamic friendly. Vehicle manufacturer, cargo weight, tire pressure, and tonneau cover design are other few factors that also impact the results.

What Will I Need To Install A Tonneau Cover On My GMC Canyon?

Requirement of the tools depends on the vehicle model and cover type. Most tonneau models comes with basic 3-piece setup; housing, cover and support of 2 aluminum rails. In most cases, the installation needs only the basic tools like socket wrench for the fasteners. However, in few models drilling might be needed but most cover is installed using the clamps that attaches at the top of the bed without any modifications.

What Is the Best Tonneau Cover for Your GMC Canyon?

Unfortunately there’s no easy “best” tonneau cover. The simple answer is each option has its own list of pros and cons. Different types of truck bed are available for every use.

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