10 Best Chevy Colorado Accessories You Must Own

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If you are thinking about adding a mod to your chevy colorado, this article is what you are looking for.

In this article, we have collected the best chevy colorado accessories and after-market mods that you can do on your colorado truck to look sexier and add a bunch of excellent features.

We have done a good amount of research and read a bunch of real truck owners who did mods on their colorado, so it will be easier for you to pick one up without thinking about whether you should get one or not.

In the list of accessories, we have combined exterior and interior accessories for colorado like :

  • Fender flares,
  • Mud flaps,
  • LED lights,
  • Bike racks,
  • Bow ties,
  • Grills,
  • Air Filter,
  • Liners,
  • Cover trim,
  • Floor mats,
  • Swing case,
  • Phone mount,
  • Antenna,
  • Exhaust,
  • Side steps,
  • Leveling Kit,
  • Truck covers,
  • Bumper mount,
  • Tonneau covers,
  • Stickers & Badges,
  • Side Window Deflectors & more.

After adding these mods we feel you can take the truck from a base colorado all the way up to something that you would say absolutely love.

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Every time we add a new vehicle to the fleet, there are a few upgrades that we must do to get the most out of it.

After using these accessories Chevy Colorado can go from plain and boring to being one of the nicest trucks on the road.

You can modify almost everything about the truck. From headlights to taillights and engine to interior.

Note: We are a team of researchers to find the best possible products to readers by providing genuine reviews.

10 Best Chevy Colorado Accessories To Make The Nicest Truck On The Road

In our opinion, almost all of the truck has been modified or customized in some way.

Exterior chevy colorado accessories are mostly used to make you’re outside looking most pleasing and compelling on the roads while driving. You can basically say the good road presence.

Chevy colorado interior accessories are best to make your truck inside look more premium and feel more pleasing while sitting inside.

Other aftermarket chevy colorado accessories are super handy for different purposes like increasing power, adding beautiful sound, and more.

So, before I give you the list of the best chevy colorado accessories, let’s see which chevy colorado model supports the listed accessories.

  • 2022 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2021 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2020 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2019 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2018 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2017 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2016 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2015 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2014 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2013 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2012 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2011 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2010 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2009 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2008 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2007 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2006 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2005 chevy colorado accessories
  • 2004 chevy colorado accessories

Let’s check out some of the cool chevy colorado accessories that you can possibly buy to make your truck a crazy monster.

#1 UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC103P

This is seriously one of the top chevy colorado accessories that you can get.

This storage box is so useful in different situations. The UnderCover SwingCase maintains a 3-inch clearance from the truck bed & It works with virtually all tonneau covers: soft, hard, folding, and rolling.

Toolbox swings out nearly 180° towards you for easy access from the tailgate.

It also comes with a key-lockable lid & can hold up to 75 lbs. It features an organizational tray, as well as a moisture seal to help keep contents dry & protected against the elements.

Pros :

  • Best boxes to use with a hard folding cover
  • The installation is super easy
  • Easy to remove from the truck box in case you need to carry a large item
  • You can lock the box in place ( no swing out ) and there is another lock to prevent lifting it off its mount.

Cons :

  • The plastic is very sturdy but wouldn't deter a determined thief, so you better don't keep anything really valuable in them.


Promising Review

Man, this is convenience on a whole other level. Having a truck in the first place limits your cargo space. This swing-out storage tub holds quite a bit of stuff. I store washer fluid, truck cleaning supplies, and tow rope in it. The coolest feature is the swing-out. I don’t have to take my soft cover off the bed to access the storage. I like it a lot. - Diz

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      #2 DirectFit Magnetic Phone Mount for Chevrolet Colorado / GMC

      One of the essential items on your chevy colorado accessories catalog.

      Phone mounts are pretty much necessary for your vehicle because we all bring our cell phones with us all the time.

      So while driving it's very handy to use your phone to navigate your destination, which is super frustrating without a phone holder, so why not have one?

      Pros :

      • Magnetic head with wireless charging
      • Constructed with CNC cut and powder-coated vehicle-specific brackets along with a CNC machined and anodized pivot ball.
      • Small and compact
      • No messy glues or deplorable vacuum cups

      Cons :

      • Expensive than other universal mounts


      Promising Review:

      The best solution for phone mount I’ve seen! Works great and I love that it's "built-in" with no messy adhesives or obnoxious vacuum cups.

      Be careful, a crucial piece comes in the shipment but not in the box that it comes in. Very easy to miss this important piece

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          #3 N-Fab Nerf Steps RS | Textured Black, Cab Length | 415418312

          Oh yeah, sideboards are one of the most searched custom chevy colorado accessories on amazon. Which tells a lot about the benefits of this item.

          The cab-length configuration provides a clean look on every truck that it supports.

          The one great thing about these is, that it is constructed from heavy-gauge steel tubing to deliver strength & durability for your adventures on and off the road.

          It also comes with a 5-year warranty on the product's finish and a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship, which is super handy.

          Pros :

          • Easy installation
          • Super clean and sturdy
          • Textured Black Powder Coat which has a clean finish complements the look of your truck
          • Steps run the full length of the cab

          Cons :

          • Would not recommend it for a too much heavy set person


          Promising Review

          VERY impressed with this product. Shipping was 2 days earlier than quoted, and very well wrapped.

          The steps feel incredibly solid and the welds look clean. Installed easy and took about thirty minutes by myself, just needed to prop up the other end as I was threading the bolts. I had gone back and forth between these and a couple of others, and I’m glad I went with these. The final product looks OEM and very flush.

          Great value and would recommend it to friends and family. - Kenneth

          Alternative : DNA MOTORING Side Step Rock Rail Nerf Bar

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              #4 Tyger Auto T5 Alloy Hardtop Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

              For every truck owner, bed covers are pretty much necessary and one of the top chevy colorado accessories to have but you should know whether you need a hardcover or a soft one is enough for you.

              Because soft covers are a lot cheaper than hardcover but hardcovers come with better protection and heavy-duty materials.

              This Tyger Auto T5 can handle a weight distribution capacity of up to 500 LB.

              It comes with weathertight sealing that protects valuables in your truck bed against extreme sun rays, rain, hail, or snow.

              If you don't want a hard folding tonneau cover and don't want to spend so much money on a bed cover you can buy this soft cover for everyday use.

              Pros :

              • Tri-Fold design
              • Patented Design in the USA
              • Tool-free installation in 5 minutes
              • Capacity of up to 500 LB
              • Customized hard top made of heavy-duty alloy panel with textured black coating.

              Cons :

              • Expensive, if you don't need a hardcover better you buy soft cover which is a lot cheaper alternative.

              Alternative : Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

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                  #5 MAXMILO 4Pcs for Colorado Door Sill Protector Reflective 4D

                  Every thinking about adding cheap chevy colorado accessories that can make your truck look super cool?

                  This is exactly that.

                  This door sill cover has 2 color options standard white and red. So pick one according to your truck look.

                  This door sill cover is made of carbon fiber leather with strong adhesive, Waterproof, and anti-scratches.

                  So, why wait? Add a highlight beauty of your car body with the smooth and easy-to-clean design.

                  Package Includes:

                  4*Car Door Sill(2 For Front Door,2 For Back Door) +1 small plastic scraper as a gift!

                  Pros :

                  • Very cheap
                  • Super easy to install
                  • High-quality vinyl sticker to protect the door sill
                  • Work air pockets out from the flat part down over the edge

                  Cons :

                  • Our only suggestion would be to add a couple of inches of length to protect just a little bit more of the paint.


                  Promising Review:

                  I Love my 2017 Colorado Red Line Special Edition Truck!! and now I love it even more with my Colorado stickers on the rock sliders!

                  They look cool and they reflect light in the night!! So easy to install/takes less than 5 minutes! clean the area first, then carefully place the sticker onto the clean surface —pressing out the bubbles as you go. i have washed my truck twice by hand since putting these stickers on—as well as a few trips thru the car washes/and there is no “peel-up” fading /nothing!! they just come out clean and shiny! if you want to look cool in your Colorado (i think they might make them for other truck types /but idk?) I highly recommend this great product. - Luvpetty

                  Alternative : Autonemaker Door Sill Scuff Plate Threshold Guard Cover

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                      #6 High Mount 3rd Third Brake Light Cargo Lamp Replacement

                      When we think about the exterior chevy colorado accessories mods, LED lights are essential.

                      We all know stock LED lights are not that great in terms of design, styling, and visibility. So it's good to upgrade the new one with better features.

                      These are high-quality brake lights made by OEM-approved manufacturers with materials that meet strict OEM requirements, so no need to worry about quality and reliability.

                      Pros :

                      • Plug-n-play operation, Low power consumption
                      • Super Bright LED lights Compare to the OE Halogen
                      • Built In Cargo Light Function
                      • Brings a Different Appearance to Vehicle That's Great for Show Use
                      • Uses Existing Bolt Holes for Installation

                      Cons :

                      • Water might leak into the cab so make sure you upgrade the seal or replace it.


                      Important Review:

                      I bought this light and when it arrived I noticed it was slightly damaged. Not enough to warrant me wasting my time sending it back. Upon installing it I noticed the gasket on the top in the center didn't seal tightly. I was sure I was going to get water inside my still new-looking truck. I emailed Auto Dynasty about my concern to see if they would send me an extra gasket at no charge due to poor manufacturing. My mistake was not taking any pictures before ultimately finding a second gasket to buy to fix the problem myself. There are several reviews stating people have had a water leak into their trucks. Because I hadn't taken any pictures they will not reimburse the fifteen($15) additional dollars I had to spend to make their product fit properly. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. Or buy the additional gasket ahead of time. - Nick A. Garren

                      2004-2012 Model: High Mount Stop Light Assembly Rear Roof Center LED

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                          #7 YITAMOTOR Floor Mats Compatible with 2015-2022 Chevy Colorado

                          If you drive your truck in ready dusty and muddy places, these floor mats are so much use in those situations.

                          One big thing about the floor mats is that they can easily washable even though you use them very roughly.

                          It supports all weather protection & non-slippery: unique designed channels and raised edge can effectively trap the liquid, snow, sand, etc.

                          These are Custom Fit Floor Liners so no need to worry about not fitting properly or anything else, just grab one and smash it.

                          Sure, one of the genuine chevy colorado accessories that you must have.

                          Pros :

                          • Very affordable
                          • WeatherTech floor mats at much less cost
                          • Doesn't move and easy to clean
                          • They fit like a glove

                          Cons :

                          • They were made in China (might be an issue for someone)


                          Promising Review:

                          I've been looking for new mats for our 2020 Colorado for a while. We fish, hike and kayak all the time so having something that fits well, doesn't move, and is easy to clean is needed. We have had these mats for a couple of weeks now and I'd say they are very much worth the money. These mats fit the front and back row perfectly. I left them out in the house overnight to let them warm up and they fit like a glove in my truck. I haven't had to take them out to be cleaned yet but I think they are a great size/shape for this vehicle. - Tjlamberti

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                              #8 Decal Mods Z71 Offroad RED & Black Truck Stickers Decals

                              This is one of the cheapest and coolest exterior accessories that you can add to your chevy colorado.

                              It is made by GM so you can expect better possible quality materials that are used to make this product.

                              This is an easy add-on to any z71 or chevy colorado truck that you own. It simply looks great and is also very easy to install.

                              Pros :

                              • Very cheap
                              • Easy to install anywhere on your truck
                              • Top-notch decals

                              Cons :

                              • Graphics might come off after some time if you don't use them carefully.


                              Promising Review

                              These things matched OEM off my 2015 Silverado, perfectly. I added them to my new 2019 Silverado, and they look amazing!! (I hate it that they decided to relocate the Z71 to the front fender in the new 2019 body style)

                              Glad I got 4of these I didn’t have one level and when I removed it messed it up. My fault, but had a spare and now they are perfect.

                              Alternative: GOLD HOOK Z71 Offroad Truck Decals - 2014-2018 Bedside Stickers (Set of 4)

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                                  #9 CravenSpeed Stubby Jr Antenna Compatible with Chevy Colorado

                                  Now, this is also a little mod that you can d on your colorado.

                                  This antenna will improve the look and whole view of your truck. The Stubby Jr antenna is compatible with your Chevy Colorado (2015-2022).

                                  It is designed to match the factory base perfectly so it looks as good as the stock antenna on your truck exterior.

                                  The one great thing about this accessory is that you won't need any tools to install it on your truck in a matter of seconds.

                                  The antenna is also made in the US.

                                  Lastly, The Stubby Jr is 2 inches of all metal.

                                  It's small enough to be sure to fit under your garage door and incredibly sturdy- machined out of billet aluminum & then powder coated with a durable black textured finish that will not fade break or chip.

                                  Pros :

                                  • Installation till takes only 30 seconds.
                                  • Made in the USA
                                  • Much better design and clean look as compared to the stock antenna

                                  Cons :

                                  • This stubby antenna might cause a loss in the reception with FM stations.


                                  Promising review

                                  I read all the reviews. I was skeptical cause of some of the bad reviews. Screwed it on easily and went for a long drive today with zero satellite radio or phone call issues. I don’t listen to FM or AM radio, cannot tell you if reception is lost at all for this.

                                  Now the truck fits in the garage without hitting the top door jam. Looks better as well. Will easily store the original antenna if I’m ever in a remote area and the stubby isn’t working well enough.
                                  I now can fit a ladder on my back rack without the original long antenna being in the way. - Hutdog

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                                      #10 CupHolderHero fits Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Accessories

                                      Now, when it comes to the interior accessories of any vehicle in your garage.

                                      This product must include Liners for the dashboard, cup holder, central console, door pocket, and many more places.

                                      It is super cook-looking and gives you a very premium feeling because of its colors and design.

                                      It comes with the 26-piece interior liner collection that helps your vehicle stay free of spilled drinks, dust, grit, and build-up. With our firm 3D textured liners & cup mats, any moisture gets whisked away or contained neatly in the double-raised edge.

                                      isn't it super cool?

                                      Pros :

                                      • Very easy to install no need to download references.
                                      • If you need instructions they will be provided via QR code which is super helpful
                                      • Super affordable

                                      Cons :

                                      • It's a bit of a jigsaw puzzle for some people.

                                      Promising Review

                                      I purchased these right after buying my new truck. 4500 miles later, I could not imagine not having these things in place. I can not tell you how many times I was able to quickly pull the dirty/wet rubber pad out, clean it, and put it back. Without it, I would have had to really get into the crevices or put forth more effort scraping. Pay attention to the bag. It has a sticker with the link to see where the pieces go. As a guy, I quickly threw away the bag and got to spend 10 min playing "Does it fit?". Although it was fun, I would recommend using the instructions. - Philip Reid

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