F150 AnzoUSA 111184 Black Projector Halo Headlight with Side Marker and Parking Light (7/10)

Highlighted Features

  • 30 minutes installation
  • Computed designed setting
  • Premium materials
  • High-performance bright LED’s
  • Quickly plug and play

The AnzoUSA claims they’re first-to-market with lighting products to enhance the look and safety of your vehicle means they’ve adopted the greatness of technology.

This aftermarket headlight for ford f150 serves to incorporate innovative trendsetting with its computerized design.

The first thing that caught my eye was the patented US-made mechanism. Its fixtures are faster and more pleasing then the market average.

However, it gives your f150 an entirely new look and also features the plug and play installation without needing extra fittings or modifications in around thirty minutes.

Another standout feature it has a halo design that optimizes the effectiveness of CCFL technology., It should be evenly DOT tested o the FMVSS-108 too of course but that’s still rather impressive.

What we didn’t like about the AnzoUSA F150 headlights was the turn signal in this model. However, the enhanced brightness and increased efficiency make it all worth it.

Compatibility: 1992-1996 Ford F150/Bronco / 1992-1998 F-250/F-350

Promising Review: “If you are tired of trying to see with dulled coated headlight lenses these are well worth the money. When I first got the headlight assemblies they looked so good I couldn’t wait to put them in

Once they were installed they just looked unbelievable, however NO GUIDE FOR INSTALLATION AND ADJUSTING THE THE BEAM HIGHTH!!!!!!! That was the bad part, now the good part. The seller was super great, easy to get ahold of, I was sent the instructions with pictures ( which is always helpful for a 4th grade dropout).

If you buy these I hope you will be very happy. The seller and the product are really great in my opinion.” — SeaBee Vet

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