best f150 aftermarket headlights

High-Performance Ford F150 Headlights To Ensure A Superior Visibility

2022 Review And Buying Guide

After specific time and usage, we feel like our F150 factory headlights need an upgrade to the best OEMs or aftermarket headlights that are best in the market.

You just want to upgrade your headlights? Brand guaranteed, reliable, and bright; aftermarket headlights are the headlights that you need to look at.

We are reviewing the market’s best aftermarket headlights for f150 well researched & reviewed by the actual users.

Investing in the wrong aftermarket headlights could annoy you with a set of housing problems and are susceptible to road accidents.

Here are some options for your Ford F150 to give it a new flair with an amazing, superb, and daring look.

Just make sure to not get drowned along with a half-prized package that could knock you down with the boring and dim headlights of your Ford F150 vehicle.

The list includes top brands like Anzo USA, DNA MOTORING, Alpharex USA, and many more.

In this article,

  • Quick Recap – Best Headlights For F150
  • Review Of 10 Best Aftermarket Headlights

Quick Recap – Best Headlights For Ford F150







AlphaRex USA






Spec-D Tuning

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10 Best Aftermarket Headlights For Ford F150 Review

All the headlights listed here are compatible with the F150 series and the most reliable brands to buy.

#1 AUTOSAVER88 Headlight For Ford F150

If you want a stylish, high-performance, and easily affordable headlight replacement for your ford f150, the answer is to opt for AUTOSAVER88 headlights instead of boring, murky, yellowish, and ineffective headlights. These lights from AUTOSAVER88 feature white LED lights that help to distinguish your headlights from other headlights on the road giving you superior vision when driving at night.

An important feature of these headlights is that it is waterproof, dirt-resistant, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and tough. This means they create sustainable usage thanks to the durable and strong build qualities that make these headlights the brightest available for a long period of time.

Special Features

  • Easy affordable
  • Supreme plastic construction
  • Triple-layer no-flake out paint
  • High-class and stylish design
  • Higher transmittance for clear sight

Promising Review: "I am extremely happy with these lights! They installed in minutes and were easy to aim on this year of vehicle. They made my truck look so much better than the old foggy lenses and are a night and day difference in the dark. The reason for four stars instead of five is that I have only had them for a month so I am not sure if they will fog over like other after market headlights I’ve seen. Only time will tell!" --- J. Hunter

Installation Video: AUTOSAVER88 on Ford F150

#2 AnzoUSA 111357 Headlight For Ford F150

If you are looking at the f150 pickup, these look amazing! AnzoUSA are great headlights and I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for an aftermarket upgrade.

Probably the coolest-looking headlights with the switchback blinkers that feature bright amber L.E.D. turn signals.

Stylish, easy to install, and beautiful switchback function; needless to say a complete set of a premium quality product under $500.

Special Features

  • Switchback LED lights
  • Stylish black housing with a UV and scratch-resistant
  • Passes the DOT and SAE tests
  • Has noticeable lights for signaling
  • No need for any extra modification

Promising Review: "I have been reluctant to pull the trigger on these for sometime. I have been looking at all the reviews and visiting the F150 for a while to understand the performance of these. I finally pulled the trigger and I could not be happier.

They look amazing, and they fit the truck perfectly. I swapped out the projector halogen bulbs for hakari H7 LEDs. They are really effective and the switch back feature is awesome. Very happy so far.

No evidence of moisture condensation even with the recent rain. Watch the video and installation is really quite easy. It should take about 45 min per side." --- TFrancis

Compatibility: Fits 2015-2017 Ford F-150

Installation video: AnzoUSA 111357 on Ford F150

Transforming the look of your 2015 2016 Ford f-150 with Anzo headlights is an easy do-it-yourself project that only takes a few minutes with simple hand tools.

#3 AmeriLite Square Projector Headlights Pair LED Bar Set For F150

AmeriLite only works with Top Tier manufacturer and have over 30 years of experience in automotive lighting solution. And that's what makes them the most reliable aftermarket brands in the market.

If you looking for a direct replacement for your OEMs without needing any professional help to install this is what you need for your f150.

This features easy plug & play that makes the replacement matter of minutes. In this sense, you don't have to do any modifications or any complicated wiring.

The Bottom line is besides being the directly replaceable headlight brand for f150 this doesn't let you break your budget cause it's an affordable solution that will let you see clearly with superior visibility.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Long-lasting LED
  • DOT & SAE tested
  • Sharp styled look

Promising Review: "The install was simple (plug n play) and the lights are much brighter than what I had. ( I bought an aftermarket headlight assembly 2 years ago but could not easily find replacement bulbs so purchased these)

I've only had them for a couple weeks now and have driven through rain and snow since without any fogging or water leaking into the assembly. So far I am happy with the purchase and the price is much lower than other similar products. Awesome product at a great price......" --- anthony j brock

Compatibility: Fits 2009-2014 Ford F150 Model

Installation Guide: Verified customer installation experience

#4 AlphaRex USA 880163 Nova Series Projector Headlights

AlphaRex headlights are basically designed to be a bolt-on replacement for your factory halogen headlights that came on your f150 truck from the dealership.

As an upgrade over the really dim halogen headlights that A look cheap and B really don't have very good distance or projection, these headlights for your f150 do correctly that very well.

LED chips with extremely powerful dual projectors, these are definitely a huge step up over the halogen lights.

Another thing about these headlights is that they are a bolt-on replacement for your factory halogen which means that you don't have to get into wiring and splicing and soldering. You can literally just pop these in there and plug them in and run them as they are.

Overall I've been really impressed with the Alpha Rex Nova series I think this is an excellent option for guys who want a full headlight replacement for their f150 that both offer a better look and better functionality.

Highlighted Features

  • Switchback LED
  • Harness adapts directly to your factory harness in the truck
  • Sequential turn signals
  • Modern and aggressive aesthetic look
  • Has a startup sequence
  • Plug and play easy to install

Compatibility: Fits 2018 and above f-150 series

Promising Review: "Alpharex did not disappoint! Wow factor of 5 out of 5 for looks and function. Light output compared to factory is immensely greater! Highly recommended. Plug and play easy to install. Great customer service 5*****" --- dorsee89

Installation Guide: AlphaRex NOVA series headlights on F150

#5 DNA MOTORING HL-OH-F1504-CH-AM Chrome Amber Headlights F150

The headlight for F150 from DNA Motoring contains an H13 High bulb type with a low beam that can conveniently fit in the truck and help you to see even through bad weather.

Like all others this headlight for ford f150 has also a plug-and-play installation means can easily be replaced into the truck's frame.

This means that there's not gonna be any wiring and drilling, this just avoids general heartache while installing them in your vehicle.

I have to warn you however that it’s safe to say that it can be self-installed. It should be easily installed of course but still, taking out extra tools or professional make it all worth it.

Highlighted Features

  • Direct installation
  • Powerful low beam bulbs
  • Requires no modification or drilling
  • Plug and play operation
  • High quality of DNA

Promising Review: "After reading reviews is some people complaining how moisture made its way in i was a bit worried about it. But for the price of the set I went ahead and bought them for my F150.

Before I installed I took clear exterior waterproofing silicone and sealed the lights all the way around with an adequate amount. I let them sit all day and overnight and installed hem the next day.

It’s now been about 3 months And several drive through car washes and no leaks. No moisture has made its way in and the lights look great.

So if you buy these lights, just take a little time to prep them before installing them. So far I’m happy. I rated a 4 star only because they weren’t perfectly sealed out the box." --- Silicone 1st 

Compatibility: Fits 04-08 F-150 Model

#6 DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-SM-AM Smoke Lens Amber Headlights For F150

This DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-SM-AM headlight for f150 is almost similar mentioned above.

The Only difference is smoke lens amber headlights.

Unlike that, Bulbs is not Included Besides all, the package comes with all sets of the required component.

However, this headlight from DNA Motoring also does not need any form of modification or drilling for fixtures.

A natural factor could potentially pose a threat to the headlights after one year of use, so you have to keep that in mind, too. They do have a few drawbacks with deteriorating!

However, it looks great and bright enough while driving even in harsh circumstances.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for Show Use
  • Rigorous tested
  • Requires no modification or drilling
  • Plug & play
  • Upgraded visibility
  • No bulb included in the package

Promising Review: "Bought these for my dad’s 08 F150. The night before installation I sealed both headlights with silicone around the entire headlight.

I would highly recommend doing this because it is very common in aftermarket headlights to not be the best seal wise. But the silicone is cheap and you can get black rtv to match. His truck is dark gray so these go great with it.

Love the look and the headlight itself is OEM quality. Would definitely recommend!" --- Tyler Larsen

Compatibility: Fits 04-08 F-150 Model

#7 F150 AnzoUSA 111184 Black Projector Halo Headlight with Side Marker and Parking Light

Highlighted Features

  • 30 minutes installation
  • Computed designed setting
  • Premium materials
  • High-performance bright LED's
  • Quickly plug and play

The AnzoUSA claims they're first-to-market with lighting products to enhance the look and safety of your vehicle means they've adopted the greatness of technology.

This aftermarket headlight for ford f150 serves to incorporate innovative trendsetting with its computerized design.

The first thing that caught my eye was the patented US-made mechanism. Its fixtures are faster and more pleasing then the market average.

However, it gives your f150 an entirely new look and also features the plug and play installation without needing extra fittings or modifications in around thirty minutes.

Another standout feature it has a halo design that optimizes the effectiveness of CCFL technology., It should be evenly DOT tested o the FMVSS-108 too of course but that’s still rather impressive.

What we didn’t like about the AnzoUSA F150 headlights was the turn signal in this model. However, the enhanced brightness and increased efficiency make it all worth it.

Compatibility: 1992-1996 Ford F150/Bronco / 1992-1998 F-250/F-350

Promising Review: "If you are tired of trying to see with dulled coated headlight lenses these are well worth the money. When I first got the headlight assemblies they looked so good I couldn't wait to put them in

Once they were installed they just looked unbelievable, however NO GUIDE FOR INSTALLATION AND ADJUSTING THE THE BEAM HIGHTH!!!!!!! That was the bad part, now the good part. The seller was super great, easy to get ahold of, I was sent the instructions with pictures ( which is always helpful for a 4th grade dropout).

If you buy these I hope you will be very happy. The seller and the product are really great in my opinion." --- SeaBee Vet

#8 Morimoto XB LED Headlights For Ford F150

Highlighted Features

  • Switchback sequential turn signals
  • DOT-approved LED lights
  • Do not shine (reflect) when driving at night
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Easy plug and play

Morimoto XB LED headlight housing is a complete replacement sealed LED projector headlight for your Ford F150 truck.

They're DOT approved and feature a white daytime running light, a static or sequential amber turn signal, and four projectors - A for low beam and -B for high beam.

Morimoto XB F150 Headlights are IP67 waterproof rated whereas the lenses are made of UV resistant high-impact polycarbonate.

There are a lot of cool things happening with this F150 headlight not only does it look awesome with that blackout finish; the quad projectors, the white daytime running light and you can also get the matching Morimoto XB projector fog lights so the entire front of your truck can look blacked out.

Similarly, the functions are also incredible above others.

These Morimoto LED headlights For F150 truly are plug-and-play really easy to use you literally take off your old head and put the new ones on it doesn't matter.

Compatibility: Fits 2018+ Ford F150

Promising Review: "These headlights are awsome, they are bright and look like they belong on a monster truck. They are really plug and play, no issues on that or how they fit. I was intimidated that I had to remove the grill so I watched plenty of different videos until I felt I knew how to do it. It took me 2 hrs by myself." --- thomas g galindo

Installation Guide: Morimoto XB LED powered headlights on Ford F150

#9 AKKON – Black Bezel Dual Halo LED G2 Projector Headlights For F150

Highlighted Features

  • Power-efficient
  • Quality material
  • Newly designed trend projector
  • DOT & SAE approved
  • Bright and optimized projectors
  • Comes in pairs (Left and right side).

This AKKON headlight can easily light up the road clearly; thanks to the projector that this model comes with.

Even more, unlike other regular headlight types, this comes with a halogen rim additionally. With a sleek and modest design, it helps you to clearly see at night.

Another standout feature of this f150 headlight is that it guarantees to light up 60,000 hours of lighting after the time of it's installment.

Replacing shouldn't be an issue if you are aware of fixing of headlights before. Although hiring a technician is better solution incase of any confusion.

Compatibility: Fits 2004-2008 Ford F150 All Model (Except 2004 F-150 Heritage Model)

Promising Review: "I was picky of course when buying new headlights. I finally settled on these. They took a little bit of time to install because they come with extra wires for the smallest lights and the Halo lights.

I absolutely love them now that they are on. I installed them on my 2007 F150 FX2 because the old headlights were looking old.. They update the look of the headlight so much. They remind me of the headlights on my wife's 2015 GMC Yukon.

I cant say enough good things. They have bulbs already installed in the 2 areas that your factory headlight didnt have light all you need is some time and knowledge and tools of course, but nothing crazy." --- Chris

#10 Spec-D Tuning Led Dual Halo Black Projector Headlights For F150

Highlighted Features

  • No condensation and yellowing of lens
  • Premium components
  • Better focused beams
  • Direct Bolt-on replacement
  • Added features and multiple colors

This Spec D headlight for your F150 is an ideal solution if you are on a budget option. Without breaking your budget this could help you to improve the appearance of your F150 instantly.

The package includes H3 Low Beam & H1 High Beams with high quality projector headlights w/ dual halo rings & LED lights.

You've got lights that are made by an OE approved and ISO certified manufacturer made with high grade components.

Direct bolt on replacement operation allows hassle-free installation although I have to warn you to take the potential help from a professional incase of any confusion.

Compatibility: Fits Ford F150 1997-2003 Models

Promising Review: "I have had them on for a while now and love how they look and perform. They wiring was a bit of a hassle not gonna lie, but it was worth it and they are for sure worth the money. Completely changed how my front end looks!" --- Taylor

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