Top-5 Phone Car Mount Picks For Uber & Lyft Drivers

Must-have accessory for lyft drivers

We all know the riding accessories are very important for everyday riders, and especially If you are a uber or a Lyft driver you know the value of directions because heck all of your passengers had a different destination so it’s challenging to know every single place location.

That’s when you are most likely to use Google Map but you need the best phone holder for uber drivers to use it properly right?

If you are thinking like what phone holder do uber drivers use? or which one should I buy for my best possible use.

Then don’t worry we are here to tell that exactly what’s going on in your mind while watching so many options out there on the internet.

In this article, we’ll provide you the best cell phone holder for uber drivers and Lyft drivers.

Side Note : All products are not tested by us but well researched & reviewed by the actual users.

#5 Best Phone Holder For Uber Drivers

There are 2 types of phone car mount available on the market:

  • Standard Grip
  • Magnetic Hold

The price is pretty much similar for both gadgets so you shouldn’t be worried about that trade. So It’s up to you, to choose which fits your need and love to use on a daily base.

Now without further discussion let’s start with the first phone car mount for uber drivers.

1. VICSEED Universal Cell Phone Holder for Car

This is by far the best car phone holder for uber drivers in my opinion because it’s very easy to mount.

More importantly according to the price, it comes with two mounting options (Dashboard & Air Vent) so you mount it anywhere you want.

It has a 360 degrees rotation that you can easily rotate based on your needs while driving.

Main Highlights:

  1. All-Around Protection: There are shock-absorbing silicone arms, silicone padded back and silicone pads holding feet on the car phone mount for grabbing and protecting your cell phone.
  2. Easy & Quick Installation: Hands-Free off; No tools required. With an easy one press button to release your phone, 1-time hard squeezing to lock your phone on the holder.
  3. Two-step locking: This phone holder for a car has a 2-STEP locking mechanism on the suction cup, you can just flip it once for smooth surfaces, and twice for uneven surfaces. The strong stick suction cup will attach just fine, it’s summertime, and temperatures are well over 100 degrees and they will still stay in place. What’s more, you can use the included vent clip when you want to change the style.
  4. Reserve-charging port: Great for phones charging on the bottom as there’s a nice space for the charging cord.
  5. The bottom tray is adjustable. So it will hold big phones more steadily.
Our Ratings
Material Quality 93%
Mounting Ability 97%
Moving Flexibility 83%

Warm tips:

  1. We DO NOT recommend applying the dashboard car mount on leather, wall, or filmed glass surface as the suction cup is designed with strong adhesion properties. curved surfaces, plush fabrics, or uneven surfaces are not recommended too.
  2. Do not stick the bracket to the dashboard or windshield for a long time, you can reinstall the bracket before using it for the next journey.
  3. After removing the phone holder, please use plastic wrap to protect the Suction cup. Please clean the dashboard before using the car mount and clean the car mount and let it be air dry.
  4. If your car is exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time, we recommend that you use the air vent car holder.

2. Universal Car Phone Magnetic Mount

Searching for a handy good quality small phone car mount, but you do not feel like spending time choosing the best option?

You don’t have to, here you have the best phone mount for Lyft drivers who are looking for a minimal design and don’t wanna use a lot of your car space.

The one downside of this phone mount is it’s not that flexible so you have to take that into consideration.

Main Highlights:

  1. Uses a neodymium magnet, it is super-strong and absolutely safe for your cellphone or GPS.
  2. Mount and unmount your device with one hand in just a second! No cradles, clips, clamps, or suckers, just the magic of the magnet.
  3. Looks awesome! This stylish all-metal iPhone car holder seamlessly integrates into any car interior.
  4. Universal – suits any phone or GPS and can be installed in any car.
  5. Use it with your family members or mount the whole set of your gadgets – three Ultra Slim Discs for multiple devices included.
Our Ratings
Material Quality 95%
Mounting Ability 82%
Moving Flexibility 65%

Warm tips:

  1. Please fix the car holder on a plastic or sleek (Glass, Metal) surface and not on a Leather or Porous surface.
  2. We recommend using this car holder for cell phones with a SLIM CASE.
  3. ✘NOT fit with: Thick cases such as Otterbox, Wallet Case, and Battery Case.

3. OQTIQ Phone Mount

So if you are looking for the best cell phone holder for uber drivers it has the most flexibility in terms of moving the mount.

This is the way to go, as you can see it has a very long arm which you move anywhere you want.

It also comes with a second holding mount for better different situations.

Main Highlights:

  1. The Stable Gear Structure: The precise design of its gear structure allows you to take on & off your cell phone easier than ever.

  2. Pull-down Bottom Feet: The vertical pull-down design can be compatible with large-size mobile phones, giving you more usable space. You can adjust the length as you need.

  3. Reserved Charging Port: Easy access to your phone’s charging port for fuss-free charging on the road.

Our Ratings
Material Quality 89%
Mounting Ability 87%
Moving Flexibility 91%

Warm tips:


4. Cup Car Phone Holder for Car

Here we came into the 4th product on our list. If you are looking for a cup holder mount then this is the perfect choice for you.

Unlike the other mounting type on the list, this is a bit different.

The one downside that I find on this phone holder is you have to put on the cup section which is mostly on the side of your seat so, It’s a bit annoying to look in the front and side again and again.

Other than that It’s an awesome buy.

Main Highlights:

  1. Universal Cell Phone Holder – Can be Extendable to 12. 6″ Length, You could adjust different sizes to fit your various cup holders in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, golf carts, etc patible with cell phones and devices between 2-4. 0 inches width (Support maximum 0. 99″ thickness device, ).

  2. A flexible swivel ball for 360° rotation and a jointed arm for 270° easy movement further enhance your view of the phone.
  3. Press the button below the car holder to slide it open and then take out your mobile phone. Press the arms on both sides to clamp the mobile phone again, simple of operation.
Our Ratings
Material Quality 82%
Mounting Ability 93%
Moving Flexibility 83%

Warn Tips:

  • This phone holder might end up breaking if you use it wrong.
  • I would suggest holding it at the bottom where the long piece is attached to the part that goes in the cup holder. I think with all the turning and tilting you do, it eventually broke.
  • But I think if you hold it at the bottom, it will lessen the amount of movement and reduce the risk of breaking.

5. LISEN Phone Holder for Car

Lastly, this is a vent mounting type car phone holder which is awesome in build quality.

It’s rotatable obviously just like the other mounting system on the list.

You can mount this on the air vent which is way better than mount on the cup holder because you don’t have to worry about looking here and there so much.

It has a side arm to avoid air blocking from a vent, which is super handy.

Main Highlights:

  1. ExpertHolder for Air Vent: Our Master Car Vent Phone Mount with Non-blocking Function is designed to create the perfect mood for every driver’s experience.

  2. Perfectly Compatible with Horizontal & Vertical Vents: The Steel hook clip of this cell phone mount for a car is 50% longer than the ordinary one. It’s compatible with 99% Horizontal & Vertical vents, which solves the common problems of poor compatibility and cradle easily falling off on the market.
  3. Protect Your Phone & Vent: There are lots of anti slip&scratch rubber pads on this phone holder for a car vent. It will protect your mobile phone and automobile vent from scratches.
Our Ratings
Material Quality 97%
Mounting Ability 89%
Moving Flexibility 76%

Using tips:

  2. This holder maximum support 0.4-1 inch long blades, 0.1 inches thick blades.
  3. It is recommended that re-tighten the air vent clip once two weeks to ensure it keeps stable.
  4. This car phone holder is not compatible with round air vents;

Which One Is Right Choice For You ?

Now, you might be thinking you got so many options to choose though which is the best phone car mount for uber drivers?

The answer is any of these, like these, are all used for a common purpose which is to mount your smartphone on a car.

The only difference is every phone holder has a different type of mount type and some also have a magnetic hold instead of the standard one.

So if you like magnetic hold and find it more useful you better buy that.

On the other side, every holder has a different mount type like vent mounting, dashboard & or windshield, so it’s up to you which you like to use.

Personally, I like to use it on the dashboard, just for my personal case.

Lastly, If you use any products by yourself and found good value in them, let us know in the comment section below, we’ll be more than happy to know that.

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