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POLL: Are Your Thoughts Like Everyone Else’s?

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    If money wasn’t an issue…?

    • honest work
      Honest work
    • criminal life
      Criminal life
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    Have you ever been banned from a dating app?

    • joe hepburn qr7rfIthbvc unsplash
      Not Yet
    • vicky hladynets pq918sjh894 unsplash
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    Who handled the pandemic better?

    • Trump
    • Biden
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    Could you eat human meat, if you had to?

    • Untitled 1
      Good God, no!
    • ersd
      Dressing on the side, please…

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Written by Basant Kunwar

Basant Kunwar is a travel gear expert and automotive enthusiast. He does spam research and writes on facts. He's been researching spam for over 5 years and has worked as a marketing professional with a proven track record. Indeed, he is the Chief Financial Officer of a KB Group X IT-Internet Company.


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