CupHolderHero fits Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Accessories (10/10)

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Now, when it comes to the interior accessories of any vehicle in your garage.

This product must include Liners for the dashboard, cup holder, central console, door pocket, and many more places.

It is super cook-looking and gives you a very premium feeling because of its colors and design.

It comes with the 26-piece interior liner collection that helps your vehicle stay free of spilled drinks, dust, grit, and build-up. With our firm 3D textured liners & cup mats, any moisture gets whisked away or contained neatly in the double-raised edge.

isn’t it super cool?

Pros :

  • Very easy to install no need to download references.
  • If you need instructions they will be provided via QR code which is super helpful
  • Super affordable

Cons :

  • It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle for some people.

Promising Review

I purchased these right after buying my new truck. 4500 miles later, I could not imagine not having these things in place. I can not tell you how many times I was able to quickly pull the dirty/wet rubber pad out, clean it, and put it back. Without it, I would have had to really get into the crevices or put forth more effort scraping. Pay attention to the bag. It has a sticker with the link to see where the pieces go. As a guy, I quickly threw away the bag and got to spend 10 min playing “Does it fit?”. Although it was fun, I would recommend using the instructions. – Philip Reid

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