Easily Identify Your Valuables At Airport – DIY To Prevent Lost Luggage Hassles (2/5)

bread clip hack at airport

You’ve arrived but your luggage hasn’t? Here’s what you should do immediately…

Use bread clip hack at airport for luggage! Sounds creepy right?

Tie a small piece of the plastic tag to your luggage it’s easy to spot and saves you from checking bags to see if it’s yours.

Bread tags may not be something so expensive when traveling, and, as many experienced passengers, they’re available for free at almost all airport bakery-cafe if you don’t want to buy a fancy one.

It’s safe to consider that when you finish a loaf of bread, all that’s left will be the bag and a tiny square of plastic bread tag.

Put your name, or any number as minimal as possible so that you can easily identify which bag is yours. And make sure it is well joined and won’t be detached when any handling friction occurs.

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Written by Basant Kunwar

Basant Kunwar is a travel gear expert and automotive enthusiast. He does spam research and writes on facts. He's been researching spam for over 5 years and has worked as a marketing professional with a proven track record. Indeed, he is the Chief Financial Officer of a KB Group X IT-Internet Company.

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