Enjoy Watching The Moving World Without Messing Up (5/5)

bread clip hack at airport

Losing track of your wine glass is so frustrating while the destination is something to be cherished.

While getting drunk at an airport is not recommended… many of us have done it! Sitting in a bar, watching the moving world is a nice experience, add some friends and it is really enjoyable.

Whether you stepped away to use the restroom or you became so caught up in your conversation with friends, that it’s easy to mix up glasses by accident. With these Tags as unprepared charm, you’ll never mix up your drinks again.

I mean they do sell wine glass charms, but why not use something you already have in your wallet?

Just make sure you don’t miss your flight, or get so drunk they won’t let you on.

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Written by Basant Kunwar

Basant Kunwar is a travel gear expert and automotive enthusiast. He does spam research and writes on facts. He's been researching spam for over 5 years and has worked as a marketing professional with a proven track record. Indeed, he is the Chief Financial Officer of a KB Group X IT-Internet Company.

bread clip hack at airport

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