Melin vs Mission Hats Comparison – $25.00 vs $59.99?

Is Mission Worth The Cheaper Price Over Melin Brand?

Melin Vs Mission Hats

Have you ever thought about buying an melin hats but you saw the price and turn yourself off.

But what if there is an alternative in a fraction of price. Does mission hats stand in front of the expensive melin hats.

In this article we are going to do the comparison between melin vs mission hats, which will help you a take the decision better.

Melin Vs Mission Hats - Is Mission worth the cheaper price over Melin brand?

Now let’s check out the different between Melin Vs Mission Hats.

Melin Hats

  • Melin is a headwear luxury brand established in 2013. Co-founders McDonell and Roth, who both lived in the Southern region of California, believe that the many cultures that they grew up with inspired the conception of a luxury brand for hats.
  • They believed that there is a sophistication beyond hats that’s more than just a favorite team’s logo or an apparel brand that put very little thought into the design and constitution of their headwear.
  • With the company’s heavy emphasis on quality, detail, and constitution.
  • This one-of-a-kind brand that caters to the uncharted headwear market is destined to reach new heights.

Mission Hats

  • The MISSION Performance Cooling Cap is much cheaper than Melin hats.
  • Just like the melin, It not only keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your face but cools you down instantly when activated with water.
  • This cooling hat is engineered to allow you to stay active and comfortable longer when heat might otherwise slow you down or deter you altogether from enjoying the outdoors.
  • MISSION products are made of proprietary performance fabric with cooling technology that is activated by water and washable. Consider using it for sports, running, golfing, in the sun leisurely gardening projects, or lounging at the beach.

Melin Hats

Mission Hats

Melin Review

Based on materials 97%
Based on price 82%
Based on fabric & design 97%
Based on types 93%
Based on social presence 94%

Mission Review

Based on materials 78%
Based on price 93%
Based on fabric & design 75%
Based on types 73%
Based on social presence 76%

User Review - BY JAM

I first saw Melin hats being advertised on social media and thought, wow a hat that is meant to get wet that would be great in the Texas heat. Then I looked them up and saw I would be spending around $65 for a single hat. Considering I was using $10 Flexfit hats I thought that was too much so I looked on Amazon for similar products and found the Mission brand hat. It was priced less than half of the Melin hats at $25 so I figured I would try it out.

My initial thoughts were that I wished the Mission hats did not have branding, but that became a moot point as I learned later. My first hat arrived and the “N” lettering was already coming off. It looked like the letters were lightly glued. I returned it and ordered a new one. The second hat came and the lettering was all attached but I had a feeling they would not last. The hat itself feels a bit flimsy but that is due to the material. The cooling effect with water is so-so, but it is nice to have a hat that is meant to get wet on hot days and I have just drowned it with water when working on the lawn or out in the heat and it works great for that. Overall after about 2 months the lettering started to peel and I ended up just removing it all and cleaning the area with some rubbing alcohol to make the hat logoless.

Eventually I found myself using the hat quite often and started to want something more quality, aka the Melin hat I originally saw.

I went ahead and ordered the Melin hat (Black A-Game Hydro) which ended up being $67 shipped with tax and their 10% off new customer discount. And I wish I had just got this hat from the get go. The hat is a lot more solid feeling and looks better. Melin’s quality seems top notch while it looks like Mission tried to cut some corners.

If you were like me and wondering if Melin is worth the extra cost over Mission the short answer is yes.

In the pictures the Mission hat is on the left and the Melin hat is on the right.

Melin Vs Mission Hats
jam on amazon

Final Thoughts

At this point, you got the idea about why the melin hat is so expensive and whether it’s worth the money or not.

In summary, I just want to say, if you are really on a tight budget sure you can get the mission hats which are sort of cheap, actually way cheaper than melin hat but if you want to melin quality product and don’t want to lose the comfort, fit and durability than melin is way to go.

There is no match for melin hats yet so get one without thinking too much, you’ll be thankful.

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