5 Amazing Bread Clip Hacks At Airport You Didn’t Know Existed

Did you know you can reuse keeping bread clips in your wallet when traveling to the airport other than keeping the bread bags closed?

This is probably something you don’t normally think about when it comes to air travel. You just likely throw them away when you are done using them. But don’t throw it, there are lots of hidden uses for a bread clip that’ll make you want to hang on to these little squares.

Here are 5 genius bread clip hacks at the airport that you never knew about

Bread clips can have a purpose for travel supplies, maybe in ways you just haven’t thought of. They really can be such helpful little items for things other than what they are made for.

#1 Dive Straight To Your Favorite Pastime While Waiting At An Airport

bread clip when traveling

It’s safe to say this bread clip travel hack is for everyone who loves listening to music.

There’s nothing like your favorite playlist to help you enjoy a bit of alone time at the airport. But tangled headphones can be a huge speed bump between you and your funky tunes.

Use a plastic bag to stop headphone cords from tangling in your pocket or purse and get straight to that rhythm.

#2 Easily Identify Your Valuables At Airport – DIY To Prevent Lost Luggage Hassles

bread clip hack at airport

You've arrived but your luggage hasn't? Here's what you should do immediately...

Use bread clip hack at airport for luggage! Sounds creepy right?

Tie a small piece of the plastic tag to your luggage it’s easy to spot and saves you from checking bags to see if it’s yours.

Bread tags may not be something so expensive when traveling, and, as many experienced passengers, they’re available for free at almost all airport bakery-cafe if you don’t want to buy a fancy one.

It’s safe to consider that when you finish a loaf of bread, all that’s left will be the bag and a tiny square of plastic bread tag.

Put your name, or any number as minimal as possible so that you can easily identify which bag is yours. And make sure it is well joined and won’t be detached when any handling friction occurs.

#3 Going To The Airport Is Fun When Get A Lottery

A lucky addition, simply keep a bread clip inside your wallet and use it whenever you need to scratch any lottery papers or cards.

This is probably something you don’t normally think about using bread clips at the airport! You likely just throw away bread tags when you are done using them.

But have you heard about going to the major airports like South Florida’s? The shop sells accessories, gifts, other items, and Florida Lottery tickets at Mercado Miami in the airport’s Terminal F.

According to lottery officials, there was someone who purchased a winning Fantasy ticket worth $184,257.80.

Who knows you can earn a free ticket from a little scratch!

#4 Use Bread Clip As A Bookmark Tool

bread clip hack at airport

This is something that each one of us can use bread clip when traveling!

Few people love reading and always travel with a book or if not, can always pick one up at an airport store. Sometimes, it's hard to find the time to get a good reading session in and immerse yourself in a novel. For all that, a few hours of reading is always a nice way to beat airport boredom.

But what if you put the book down for the airport authority’s security check?

Just take a bread clip and attach it to your page as a bookmark. You do not have to keep folding every page of the book so that you can start from the same place next time.

#5 Enjoy Watching The Moving World Without Messing Up

bread clip hack at airport

Losing track of your wine glass is so frustrating while the destination is something to be cherished.

While getting drunk at an airport is not recommended… many of us have done it! Sitting in a bar, watching the moving world is a nice experience, add some friends and it is really enjoyable.

Whether you stepped away to use the restroom or you became so caught up in your conversation with friends, that it’s easy to mix up glasses by accident. With these Tags as unprepared charm, you’ll never mix up your drinks again.

I mean they do sell wine glass charms, but why not use something you already have in your wallet?

Just make sure you don’t miss your flight, or get so drunk they won’t let you on.

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