Inflatable Hoodie Pillow With Neck Support Every Travelers Should Have

Cool trick to save your neck while traveling

inflatable hoodie pillow with neck support on travel

Hey, what is up guys in this ranking article we are going to give you a very interesting solution to those janky travel sleepers who love to sleep but end up hurting themselves all the time.

So what’s the solution for it?

Try these Inflatable Hoodie Pillow which contains a good amount of neck support and it is inflatable so you don’t really worry about packing it up while traveling because it can fit anywhere you want.

Isn’t it cool to have one of these every time you travel? I think so.

Now let’s check out some hoodie with inflatable neck pillow that will give you a comfortable sleeping experience while traveling.

#1 Sunany Inflatable hoodie pillow

inflatable hoodie pillow

If you are the cheapest inflatable neck pillow hoodie then this is the way to go. It has 3 standard colors available blue, black and gray which pretty much covers most people's preferences. 

You can use this on a car, plane, bus and also at home if you want to. This inflatable hoodie pillow comes with a small side storage bag which is super handy for different purposes. 

It is super easy to pack after taking out the filled air, though it comes with a compact bag to put the pillow and hoodie cap on. So if you are looking to buy the cheapest one possible this is the way to go.  

#2 Pillowdy Smart Full Zip Hoodie

hoodie with inflatable neck pillow

Now, the first one that we listed on this list was just neck support and cap but this product by Pillowdy is something else. If you are looking to buy a whole package that also you can use on a day-to-day base this thing gets crazy. 

It comes with a very smart design and combines a Hoody jacket with an air neck pillow. Its special structure allows air to pass through easily and lets the user inflate and deflate the neck pillow within seconds. 

When you don't use the pillow, no one will ever imagine that there will be an air pillow in your clothes. Isn't it cool?

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